About Us

What is a secular Institute?
A Secular Institute is an Institute of consecrated life in which christian faithful living in the world strive for the perfection of charity and work for the sactification of the world especially from within. Secular Institutes are officially approved by the Church as a life of perfection in 1947 by Pope Pius XII in the Encyclical Provida Mater Ecclesia. Secular Institutes are established in the Church for people who wish to combine the contemplative and apostolic life while living in the world. The members share in the Churchs task of evangilization in the world and from within the world, their presence act as leaven in the world(PME). Members commit themselves to the evangelical counsels by sacred bonds and observe among themselves the communion and fellowship appropriate to their particular secular ways of life(cf.CIC, Can. 713, 2).

Who we are?

Caritas Secular Institute is an Institute of Archeparchial rite for the consecrated women in Knanaya Catholic Archeparchy of Kottayam. It was founded in 1961 by the then Bishop Mar Thomas Tharayil. The institute is consecrated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Pope Pius X is our Patron. It is a medico-social institute whose members are consecrated by the profession of the three evangelical counsels according to its constitution under a lawful superior. It is grounded by the code of Canons of the Eastern Churches(CCEO) as well as its own Constitution and Directory in accordance with which our Institute and its house legitimately created are by law itself juridical persons.

The Caritas Secular Institute is a consecrated and charitable association of a roligious minority within the purview of the Constitution of India. It aims at working for the welfare of the people through medical, social and other charitable activities.

The source of our spirituality is the charity of Jesus and in Him the members find august example of life dedicated to God the Father and to humanity. By fulfilling their own particular duties, the members manifest Christ to others and transform humanity according to the measure of Christs gift(Eph. 4: 7). The Caritas Secular Institute aims at these goals and concentrate on those fields which are proper to its charism.


Caritas Secular Institute is a community, which, as one inspired by perfect charity and committed to a true and full profession of the Evangelical Cousels, is devoted completely to the evangelisation of the world(Const.11,12,13).

Our Spirituality

Our Spirituality is rooted in the mystery of Christ and Church. The most oustanding features of Spirituality are:

(1) Trinitarean        (7) Service oriented       
(2) Eucharistic       (8) Paschal       
(3) Evangelical       (9) Contemplative
(4) Consecrated     (10) Devoted to the Sacred Heart               
(5) Vowed               (11) Marian
(6) Secular             (12) Inspired by our love for God and Humanity